Jun. 4th, 2003

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Really, I shouldn't throw things. There is no way for me to fix this.

I hate to think what Gran's reaction will be, when she finds out i've broken my Rememberall. At least I don't have to tell her until... oh no. Summer's not very far away at all.


All right, who exactly did this?

And just so nobody decides to be clever and ask 'did what?' let me explain: the bloody plants at the front doors is what!

This is not remotely natural. This is somebody's idea of a protest over Megan? It-I-okay, start over.

I went out there this morning and the first thing I heard was "Bring Back Megan!" Very loudly. So I looked for who was yelling, thinking it was one of us (students), hiding so the teachers wouldn't know how to give a detention to. Since the voice was coming over from the bushes, I decided to go and look in them, to point out that they weren't yelling at a teacher.

I couldn't see them, so I told them they weren't. To which the voice replied: "I took thee for thy better. Thou impertinent folly-fallen moldwarp!"

I'm not entirely sure what that means, except it's clearly an insult. But-and here I think I should point something out, so everyone doesn't think i'm a complete idiot. There are a very few plants, wizard created of course, that can talk. Most of these are kind of like the monsters that wizards used to make to guard thier treasure, and they can be dangerous. One of them is a relative of Devil's Snare, and the speculation is it was created by the same witch or wizard who made that-after they realized that no-one in thier right mind would just go to the stuff, they apparently started experimenting with giving it a voice to lure people close enough for it to grab. Even though I kind of doubted anything like that could have been growing here for years, there was always the chance that it had got transplanted or there was something else new growing...

The point being I decided to try and reason with it, get it calmed down so it wouldn't attack anyone before I went to get Professor Sprout. This was a mistake. Everything I tried to say was met with things like, like: "If you spend word for word with me, I shall make your wit bankrupt. Degenerate and base art thou, thou qualling half-faced measle! Thou odiferous pottle-deep vassal!" And when I tried to see if maybe they were just thirsty (since by then several of them had started yelling) that got: "Take you me for a sponge? Thou surly lily-livered pignut! Thou loggerheaded dizzy-eyed coxcomb!" And a whole lot of other things, I really can't remember all of it...

But I was trying, and I decided to get closer, see if maybe I could spot what exactly this was before giving. Worse mistake than my first one, that was. Even though i'm pretty sure now that someone has charmed these things; the same someone gave them thorns! Thorns! Don't touch them, everybody, just don't get near them!

Well, between them trying to cut me to ribbons, and the fact that they noticed Trevor and started insulting him at this point: "Thou art a very ragged Wart. The most infectious pestilence upon thee! Would thou wert clean enough to spit upon!" I felt i'd had quite enough, and I left. I heard them yelling after me: "Thou dost infect my eyes. Out of my sight!"

I think this is the closest i've ever come to wanting to burn a plant, and I don't mean because they might be dangerous.

Now, whoever did this, I hope you read this last bit, because you need to know something: Plants will grow into magic. By which I mean, if you leave this on them too long, you may not be able to take it off, as they could've simply absorbed the magic into themselves. There is a reason there's nothing like the Ban against creating new creatures for plants, and that's because it can't be Banned. We can no more stop our effect on the world around us that way than we can stop breathing. Take it off them! Do you want students years down the lione being attacked by those things? They could get dangerous! Of course, they likely won't last that long, as I hardly think i'm the only one who's noticed them... But the principle of the thing stands!


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