May. 29th, 2003

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We're going to be expelled. At least, Ernie seems to think he is, and I know I am....

Everything had been going so well. I hadn't been sure what I should get Ernie, but he seemed to like his present. (Which was a relief, because I didn't want to offend him or anything.)

We got out of Hogsmeade just fine! I kept looking over my shoulder and everything, since I was sure someone must suspect we were up to something, but nothing happened. While we were in Hogsmeade.

Got to Kinbrace and met Ernie's Uncle Alfred. I like him; maybe i'll get to talk to him again sometime? He was just telling me about his working for my father. I didn't even know Dad was high up enough to have people working for him. I mean, I knew my parents were kind of popular, but then so is Mr. Weasley; it doesn't mean you're successful, that. It wasn't so much that, as... there's so much I don't know, sometimes it seems like the only things I know about my own parents are the painful ones. The stuff i'd rather not know.

Then... then Death Eaters showed up. Death Eaters. There was this noise like an explosion, and the door gets slammed open, and... it felt like everything had slowed down for a moment. Death Eaters, I mean... I remember hearing Ernie shout something, and the floor's covered with water and lobsters, and then everything sped up again.

I think I remember casting one of the defensive spells i've been practising with Seth, and I know Ernie's Uncle was fighting them... I'm not sure where Tracy and Hannah went, and I lost track of Ernie and his Uncle, except for the moment the door slammed open. Nearly everyone noticed that, and Ernie did something to the door so it was sealed shut, and since he and his Uncle seemed to recognize her, I went back to trying to get the Muggles to stay away from the Death Eaters. Not that I was having any luck with it, since they were as panicked as we were, maybe more, but I had to try.

But I... I'd slipped in the water and got knocked aside, and when I got up, I saw this Death Eater ignoring Ernie's Uncle. He was still harassing the Muggles, casting Crucio on them and I... It was like looking at my parents and I just got so mad, and I yelled at him to stop. Part of me was thinking I had to be insane, there was no way he was going to listen to me but I yelled and he ignored me and I got even angrier... I don't know quite what I did, I know I cast something at him and he...

I threw him through the window. I don't know how! I just sort of stared for a moment, and then I realized they were going to come through the window and i'd made things worse, but the woman (she said her name was Hawkwood? I think.) did something to the window, and then we got seperated again. I got kind of angry at some of the Muggles that wouldn't listen too, and I hope the Aurors don't have too much trouble untangling them... there were so many spells flying i'm afraid some of ours got mixed up with the Death Eater's, and I shouldn't have made those Muggles sitting targets, but they wouldn't listen!

Then I saw another of the Death Eaters trying to get past some Muggles at Hannah, and the other facing Ernie's Uncle, and since Hannah was closer, I headed for her. I don't what had gotten into me, but I used an Engorgement Charm on Trevor. I could have killed my poor toad (i'm sorry,Trevor!), but somehow, seeing their reactions to those lobsters (which were still snapping at people) it seemed like the thing to do. I sicced Trevor on the bastard Death Eater. Which was rather cool, since he actually hopped around chasing him. Although by this point I was getting rather dizzy, and worn out. I don't believe i've cast that many spells before in my life! Or maybe, between trying to dodge things and being hit by what I couldn't dodge, i'd temporarily lost my mind. Either, both, who knows. I remember I saw one of the Death Eaters getting tangled up in fish guts and some other things, so I figured why not throw poison ivy into the mix; and I remember shrinking Trevor and Accio-ing him. Which is probably the first time in my life that's ever worked.

And then the Hawkwood lady has us (students, I mean) rounded up, and shoved us into the fireplace. I must not have been thinking straight, I actually wanted to go out there and make sure all the Death Eaters had left, and I know Ernie wanted to stay, but she made us leave. Probably a good thing, since i'd have gotten myself killed in that state.

Of course, if I had been killed I wouldn't be worried now about being expelled. I used magic on Muggles, and for all I know I could've killed that Death Eater, and even if he did deserve it... What am I talking about, expelled? I'm going to Azkaban if I killed the bastard, and it isn't fair, and...

I think i'd better get off this thing before I get hysterical. Maybe I'll talk to Ernie when Madam Pomfrey is done with us, and we can figure out somewhere to hide from his Grandfather and my Gran.

She's going to kill me, I just know it, i'm not going to live long enough to be sent to Azkaban...
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Are you guys okay? I haven't been able to talk to anyone since we got back. Um... I haven't even had a chance to talk to Professor McGonagall. Or she hasn't had a chance to talk to me, or...

Okay, isn't it a little bit odd that this isn't all over the school? I know the Professors know about it, even though Professor McGonagall hasn't talked to me... because Professor Snape mentioned it. O.o

He... I don't want to make assumptions, but I think that was a compliment. I mean, it wasn't like he was nice, but it wasn't "You're going to be expelled for this, Longbottom!" either, so... I don't know what to think about that. Except I feel really pleased for some reason.

Anyway... do any of you know what's going on? Not that I want to get in trouble or anything, but normally, something like this would be all over the school right now. What's happened to stop the rumor mill?

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Warded to Students

Is duelling club happening tonight? I wouldn't think so, with so many people testing potions Why'd he have to pour it out in front of everyone? But I thought i'd better ask and be sure.


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