May. 10th, 2003

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Well, it took me long enough to remember, but I have. Can't think of all that much to say, though.

Okay, this bears repeating: Ernie Macmillian is insane. He was fun to watch, though. Him using Devil's Snare on me... You can't help relaxing when someone throws you into your own field, you know?

Although I wonder if any of the teachers are going to notice all the shoes that got burnt and/or hexed. As if panicking and blasting your shoes would help! Really!

Lavender was great, though. Some of the others laughed at her for ducking out of the way, but I thought it was brilliant; gave her more time to fight back, 'cause she weren't busy with countering. Wish I'd thought of that Wish I knew more defenses At least I'm working on it.

Bulstrode wasn't half as scary as I thought she'd be. That was a relief, but maybe a little strange. Seth seemed to think so before we started practicing; at least, he was giving her a strange look for a minute. Then again, so was everyone. I think we all thought she'd be moping the floor with us.

Harry was great! Wicked seeing him work; I thought a real fight was going to break out, with everyone but the Slytherins cheering him like that. Would have been bad news. Probably even with Jake there someone would've ended up in the infirmary. I'd like to know who 'accidently' hit him with that odd Charm though; it wasn't funny! Suppose we'd had to take him to the infirmary! We'd all have been caught, that's what. Scary thought, having to explain to the teachers what we were doing.

I noticed Professor Snape is having people test our Potions. If anyone gets mine Please don't die I think I did everything right I tried my best

Um, I apologize in advance? I'm sorry, really!

Now where's Trevor got to... Bet he's on that window again...


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