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Only the second time this year i've been caught in that one trick stair. This time it wasn't... um, entirely my fault? I was trying to catch Fern and Sharon - a couple of my sheep, who'd gone and grabbed some of my notes.

Didn't realize until i'd gotten back that Tom wasn't with them, and I ought to have known better. He was flying about the Fat Lady when I got back, which means he got out. I have no idea where he might have gone.

If anything turns up missing or half eaten or anything, i'm sorry?

Warded Private

Not much going on, as far as I can tell. Which is worrying, given nothing's come from the teachers or anything, about Erzsebet or Justin.

The lower years are still nervous, but really that's as much because the rest of us are worried. To one degree or another. And they see it... I just hope none of them take it into thier heads to organize a search party or anything.

Which is kind of ironic for me to be thinking, given if anything had happened with Ron proposing we do something about it, i'd been right there with the rest of the 7th years.


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