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When we get back to school and if someone notices I haven't updated this thing in awhile... hmm. Not sure what to finish that with.

Um... Christmas hols went well, everything was very peaceful. And I've finally got my apparition license, a couple of days before Chirstmas! I remember thinking I should make a post about that, but I was so exhausted I went straight to bed that night. Waited until Chirstmas morning to let Gran know. By Apparating downstairs.

Got me a bit of a lecture, actually, but I could tell for once she didn't mean it. Hard to believe that sort of thing when the person lecturing you is smiling. Aunt Enid and Uncle Algie were there, too, and everyone got along pretty well.

Odd thing about my sheep - the really troublesome one, Tom? Doesn't behave half so badly when he's got something to occupy his time. Like harrasing House Elves...

Um... I'm going to be in real trouble if he keeps this up at school, aren't I?

Okay, not thinking about that until it happens.

But I am looking forward to the Ball tonight!

Visiting my parents this time... I know I haven't actually started to do anything, outside of really working on improving my grades, but it felt different.

And Gran still doesn't want me to be an Auror, but that was different too. Kind of what Tracey told me, I guess, things taking time. She didn't say anything for or against, but she didn't get so tense when it came up, not at St. Mungo's or when I was talking to Aunt Enid and Uncle Algie.

Now if I could just find where I left that book, and remember to take it to Hogwarts this time..
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