Oct. 2nd, 2003

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When I went to bed, I had a shoop; when I woke up, there were sheep.

And I thought, after Arcadia warned us about this, that I'd made sure there was no loose paper where Linden could reach it!

I think he learned how to climb, because he'd been following Trevor, and got into my bookbag. I mean, with the shoop sitting in there, quite calm, watching its.. um, brothers and sisters? The other ones are running about the floor. Eating everything. Again, I'm sorry for whatever might have been eaten my shoop sheep - one of them looks like it's growing wings. Right. Nathan, do you still have any of that de-magicking potion for the sheep? Or if not, could you make some? Please? I think this may have happened once before already, what with Harry having seen another blue shoop, and hopefully the potion stop them 'popping' as well as fire-breathing and such. Please help?

Wait - Harry, what did happen to that shoop?

But what to do with them right now? I have classes.... Hmmm. No time really, and I don't want them getting loose... Have to leave them in the dorm, with the door charmed shut. I mean, they're hardly big enough to push it open, right? Hopefully, I will be able to come back with a nice potion for them, at some point. And then figure out what to do with them.

And even though I'm getting a bit worried, they're still cute. I think one of the 'popped' sheep keeps the personality of the original shoop. At least, the one in my bookbag isn't showing any signs of magic, and when I took him out of there, he went straight to Trevor. ...I think Linden the second will just keep staying in the same pocket as Trevor, then.


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