Sep. 19th, 2003

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It's nice to eat lunch in the castle. You don't really appreciate it unless you've been trying to eat sandwiches while trying to find the Flying Golden Shoop. Which is where Tracey and I were.

A whole hour of trying to catch that stupid- no, I shouldn't say that, it's actually a very intelligent shoop. And possibly evil. Though that could be the burns talking, since I managed to forget my dragonhide gloves. Oh, joy.

What am I saying, this is the shoop that was directing the sheep, it has to be evil!

If anybody sees that thing, it did get away from us eventually. After we chased it across half the grounds. Oh... and we're sorry about the broomshed? And several small bushes we had to duck behind. And everyone who was forced to get out of the way when it tried to hide behind them.

And then it flew onto the Qudditch pitch.

What in the name of all that's holy possessed me to get on a broom, I don't know. But I'm never doing it again. Never. If anyone sees me about to get on a broom, please Stun me: it'll be less painful than when I fall off.

Though at least this time it was only a couple of feet. And I didn't break anything! Only got bruised, to go with the burns.

I kind of feel bad we didn't continue looking for it today, but I don't think my nerves could take it. Besides... he kind of flew into the castle. So I suspect we'll be hearing something about him, eventually.

Um... I have a horrible feeling about this, I really do. Especially after reading Justin's entry. Linden is harmless, though! Er, relatively harmless. Except to papers.

Oh! Happy birthday, Hermione! I've got a card for you, but I figured I could leave it in the common room? Or actually go down there and give it to you, come to that...

And, um... Linden appears to have eaten someone's homework. It was too far gone by the time I reached it, to tell whose it had been. Sorry! I'm going to make a little pen for him, or set up a ward to keep him in the boy's dorm, at least? I'm not sure yet...


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