Jun. 18th, 2003

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Lavender Brown just passed out!

We were in the common room, talking about the storm-well, most of us. And Lavender just screamed, and started bleeding!

I don't what's wrong with her, but she's not waking up and I'm going with Pavarti and we're taking her to the Infirmary. Without the firsties who thought they'd 'help.'As if i've never seen first years trying to break curfew before; I could lie better than that. This is not the time! And I'm taking my laptop, I'll let everyone know when we get there!

So, if any of teachers see us, we're not trying to get outside or anything, just going to the Infirmary!

Hopefully she'll wake up sometime on the way there, this is awkward and it's scaring me, she's never passed out before and what if she's really been having visions and we haven't been taking her seriously?!
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Okay, we made it to the Infirmary alright. Lavender's still unconcious, but Madam Pomfrey says she should be okay. She's gotten a concussion from falling, though, and she might stay unconcious for a bit.

Pavarti and I have to stay in the Infirmary, though. When I was able to turn my laptop on, I found a message from Professor Drachenstein telling us to wait until a teacher comes to talk to us.

So we're sitting here. Pavarti's by Lavender, talking to her. I'm by a window typing this. Didn't think Lavender would appreciate it if the first thing she saw waking up was Trevor, and he kept trying to hop onto the bed. Now he's on the windowsill, and what is it with him and windows?

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Jun. 18th, 2003 07:09 am
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This is just lovely. Not only is Lavender still not awake, but the Bloody Baron is in here. I want him to leave, but I don't dare say anything. I mean... it's the Bloody Baron!

Pavarti is saying plently for the both of us, anyway. But I think he's amused.

Maybe the noise will wake Lavender up? I don't care what Madam Pomfrey says, I don't like how long she's been out. I want her to wake up.

Edit To say that I tried calming Pavarti down, and being nice to him instead, but he still won't leave! I think he's playing with us. Have this awful feeling, like we're a couple of mice and he's a cat.

Does anybody have any suggestions?
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As soon as Pavarti returned, Neville tried to return to his spot by the window. He'd never been that good at talking to girls, and Lavender and Pavarti were about as girly as you could get.

It was hard to get away from them when they were determined to gossip, however. And Pavarti came back insisting that Hermione had been wearing Death Eater robes. So he'd sat for several mintues, listening to her and Lavender speculate why Hermmione Granger had become a Death Eater.

He tried to point out that it was probably a misunderstanding; they ignored that at first and then became rather patronizing. Soon, the Bloody Baron left in disgust. Several paintings also left, but a few new ones came in to talk to them. That's when Neville took his chance to slip away from them.

Returning to the window allowed him to notice several imporant things; that the storm was dying down; that there were Dementors on the school grounds that were attacking students; and that Pavarti was right about Hermione wearing Death Eater robes.

Sheer shock froze him for a moment, as he watched the people moving below; then a window blew out of Hagrid's hut and he found his voice.



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