Jun. 5th, 2003

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So I logged onto this again, and saw that both Professor Drachenstein and Erzsebet Ivanovich mentioned the shubbery evolving. I'd been avoiding the front doors, and not the only one. So I went outside there, and sure enough, they are evolving.

Which makes me wonder about whoever did this, since I didn't think it would happen so fast. I'd have to look it up to be sure, but I think we have a new record, here. Scary...

Now they're making faces at people. Pulling thier leaves and branches together to make faces while insulting people. I have no idea why they'd do that, except the orignal spell's nature holding fairly well, but...

Right then. Since whoever did this either didn't listen to me, or it was too late to undo it; i'm getting Professor Sprout. We're probably going to have to burn them now. And sift through the dirt to make sure we haven't missed roots; who knows if they could grow back from those by now or not.


Arcadia did this, didn't she? I mean, making faces? Somehow, even before I suspected she'd done this, but now?

At least she didn't turn them into teddy bears. Although by the time I find the Professor and we can take care of this, who knows what they'll be?
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Some of them literally, what with having grabbed Justin. And another Hufflepuff, I think 2nd year? It was kind of hard to catch names, what with the spells being yelled and the screaming from the shrubs and I swear I heard battle cries from some of the students... Fire and ice (which was a good idea, Erzsebet, and i'm sorry there was no chance to get back to you.) and some rather odd stuff. I wish i'd thought to bring my broom, because that was about the best idea i'd seen. Get high enough, they couldn't reach you, although a few of them did try to climb on each other. Good thing they're not really built well for that.

Good thing Arcadia cast that counter-charm, and got the whole thing ground to a halt. Although it didn't alter the wierd apperances. At least they shut up and we were able to dispose of them.

Although i'm afraid, even with the mass attack and Arcadia rescuing us, (and really, she did) that some of the little monsters got away. Into the Forbidden Forest, no less. Assuming they can survive in there... Well. Generations from now, they may still be looking for 'the Lady Megan'.

I wonder if they'll form some sort of culture around that?

I wonder if this will teach people to pay more attention in Herbology? Or at least not to do something like this again!

I am exhausted, and I'm helping Professor Sprout tomorrow, to check the grounds and make sure no roots or anything is left. If anyone (i'm looking at:Harry(not likely but)Dean, Ron, Seamus!) wakes me, don't be surprised if I hex you from having a nightmare about the shrubs trying to return to the castle.



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