May. 23rd, 2003

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Dueling club again last night.

I hate Slytherins. Sure, Seth is okay (and thanks again) but it was probably good for me to be reminded that on the whole, they're Slytherins. I hate them and I need to learn hexes-something really painful

See, Crabbe and Goyle showed up for this one. And everything was going fine, really. We were dueling one-on-one, so I managed to beat Crabbe to a draw and then Goyle, and then... Well, I should've run when I saw them huddled together like that, shouldn't I? It wasn't very smart of me to just to stand there, really, but I was so proud of myself and not paying attention to them and by the time I noticed them they were too close for me to get away. Not that I didn't try.

Seth saved me, I heard him yell... something and they were all slippery. I got away, but everything's a bit fuzzy after that. I went and sat with Jake, even after. I'd had quite enough of deuling for one night. I think there was some sort of argument or something going on between the Gryffindors and Slytherins, I remember hearing Harry and I think Seamus yelling... But nothing happened. For one thing, it was a Slytherin who got them away from me, and for another... um, show of hands for people who want to see Madam Pomfrey after the dueling club? Jake really couldn't have managed that many injuries, so I'm glad whoever stopped them did. Thanks, and sorry I can't remember who it was!

Let's see what else I can remember...

Most everyone expected Ernie to try that trick with the Devil's Snare again, and got caught out. (I'm not ssaying, since I'm not sure if I hallucinated some of that or not. ) Seth found a way around Lavender ducking, too; I didn't know there were spells that would turn around like that! Cool, those.

Ha! I learned some plant transfigurations thanks to a comment of Ernie's. I swear I'm an idiot for not thinking of that myself Think that surprised some people, though. Also, it might've been easier to hit Lavender once she was alseep (those plants Muggles call Mandrake) but I couldn't do it, it just wasn't fair.

Also, Bulstrode is still acting wierd. I might've imagined Seth's look the last time, but not twice. She was using stronger spells, though. Maybe we just really, really underestimated her? I don't like dueling her, though. Getting glared at like that reminds me of being in Potions class. Which is just what I need when I'm trying to focus, of course, the sudden reminder of Professor Snape.

Between the dueling club and classwork today, though, I'm exhausted. Maybe I'll sleep until Monday. But why am I so happy, when I got my arse kicked?


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