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Between schoolwork and sheep it's a wonder I haven't died of exhaustion.

I only remembered I hadn't updated my journal in ages because I had to rescue the laptop from Tom. Now my laptop has the tiniest bite-mark on the edge. At least he doesn't seem to have reached any important part of it. And yes, they all have names now, Tom is the flying one.

They are going to drive me insane. I'm about ready to hand all of them (except Linden) over to Arcadia.

Only i'm beginning to wonder, between odd comments she has made here and there, and observing my own...

Has anybody else noticed them... well, getting smarter? And developing clearer personalities? Tom is like a bloody cat, he has to get into everything and Sharon is all the time sleeping, and so on. Linden I swear thinks he is a toad. Lately he's begun timing his bleating to match Trevor's croaks. I have to cast silencing charms on them when it's time to sleep, and Linden gives me this look just as if i've interrupted a conversation.

Or it's possible I have spent entirely too much time studying the sheep and I'm imagining all of this. I'm tired enough at the moment that I couldn't tell.

Also, Nathan? I just realised I never thanked you for the potion, which was a lifesaver, as i'm at least not dealing with magically powered sheep. Except Tom's wings, but they were alreay there, and now i'm getting sidetracked again.

Thank you, Nathan!

I wish I could back to bed, instead of classes, and not think about the fact that we have no idea what the sheep life-span will be.
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