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Neville blinked at the images her first sentence inspired. "Um... the thought of the staff as big kids... um, it. Okay, I can't even imagine that. Well, maybe the Headmaster." He paused at memories of his 5th year. "Okay, and Professor McGonagall, and Flitwick, the way they reacted to that horrible woman. But not Professor Snape! Or Madam Pince... probably not Madame Pomfrey either..."

He paused as the last sentence hit him, at the same time as he really noticed she'd moved closer. Hey, I didn't stumble or anything! He tilted his head slightly. "Is what all I think of?"
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Contzel chuckled lightly, continuing the line of steps. "Well.. I may nicht be able to see Madam Pince or Pomfrey.. but I see Professor Snape as a chubby-cheeked boy three sizes too small fur his robes, und fur that frown on his face." She grinned at him, and passed a secret wink as she became more comfortable with not only in the dance but the boy.

"Und.. well.. you looked as if highly contemplative. Care to share?" She rose her brows, a little grin spreading across those ruby lips of hers, making her eyes glint. She didn't seem mischevious, more curious.
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He laughed. "Well, I can imagine him frowning, at least."
He frowned a little. "I had an idea for a minute, something about those shrubs from last year. Something about the way plants will react to us, the way the shrubs did, and the mood at the last dance being nearly the same for everyone."

He shook his head, guiding them away from another coupple that was too close; he didn't seem to notice them. "There's something there, but I can't... put words to it. I don't know."
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Contzel chuckled at his comment on Professor Snape, then grew serious. "Ach, that ist a very interesting thought, Neville. But what are you thinking of doing with these thoughts?"

She went to continue but noticed the couple as they went by them. ".. Vielen Danke, lieb. Wir may have collided with them, otherwise." She nodded towards the two with a smile, giving him a bit of a hug mid-step. "Ending up on the floor after being knocked down to it was nicht mein idea of the perfect end to an evening. Danke fur the preventing!"
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Following her nod, he blinked. "Oh! Um... no problem. I wouldn't want to end up on the floor, either. I'd never hear the end of that."

He took a bit to consider what she'd said. "Well... I'm not sure I could do anything with them. I mean, the shrubs are in the Forbidden Forest now. Not somewhere we're allowed."
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Contzel smirked a bit. "I'm sure you would. After alle, gossip can only be amusing fur so long, ja? Best thing about it, really. It's alive, ever changing, sometimes growing." She flashed him a soft smile. "But.. I'm still positive that you're one of the finest dancers in Hogwarts, now."

She suddenly looked serious as she leaned in towards his ear, whispering "As to the rest of what you spoke.. search me out later, or another tag, day.. wir wille figure something out." She pulled her head back, then shook her hair a bit, getting the giddiness back.
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Neville blushed. "Thank you. I w-" He stopped himself, thinking she'd probably not be happy if he disagreed. And really, why should he? If she thought so, did it hurt anything for him to agree? "Just-thanks."

Slowing as the song drew to a close, he smiled in surprise. "I'll remember that. Really!" he added, grinning.
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".. Und I truly did mean that." She pushed back from him slowly, but not before moving from her whispering position to plant a kiss upon his cheek in a friendly fashion.

"I shall see you again soon, Neville! Do enjoy the dance!" She took his hand and did a graceful parting curtsey. "Und it has been a joy dancing with you!"

With that, she turned from him, turning just some to wave at him with a smile. "Guten Nacht!"
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Neville bowed in response to her curtsy, hoping that he'd stop blushing from the kiss soon. "And a pleasure to dance with you as well, Contzel."

Stepping back to watch her go, he nodded in response to her wave. "Goodnight!"

And he started back through the crowd with a smile on his face, to look for Tracey.


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